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Lokalna Grupa Działania ?Zielone Sąsiedztwo? has been operating in the area of Podkowa Leśna and Brwinów communities since 23 December 2008. Both towns are located within 30 km from Warsaw (southwestern part of Mazovia region). Although as a newly established organization LAG has no confirmed experience but the experience of its members (private and legal persons, organizations promoting culture, local leaders, and local governments) who prepared workshops, seminars, reviews, exhibitions, and conferences we already have several projects on the run.

The example of previous members? experiences could be the Open Gardens Festival within European Heritage Days organized yearly since 2005 in Podkowa Leśna and Brwinów now spreading around to the neighbouring municipalities. During two days of the festival our citizens organize about 50 cultural and educational events including exhibition, concerts, and workshops.

Our mission and aims

The aim of the Association is to improve quality of living of inhabitants in compliance with sustainable development. And stimulation and integration of the local community are its mission. Together we worked out the extensive document called The Local Strategy of Development that says people, local organizations, and culture tourism make up our potential. Since both of our communities meet a challenge of ageing society we strongly stress lifelong learning issues. We promote cooperation between three sectors: governmental, non-governmental, and private.

In 1981 the Garden-City Podkowa Leśna urban plan, residential layout and greenery was added to Poland?s list of monuments. Brwinów community, that is older than Podkowa Leśna, used to be a summer resort and now is a location of several museums and world recognized folk group ?Mazowsze?.

The protection of the environment and supporting culture tourism development are one of the main tasks which the Association, local leaders, and NGOs put in practice cooperating with the local self- government.